Playboy releases iPad app – but no nudity


By Jerome Taylor, The Independent. Apple and Playboy are rather unlikely bedfellows. Hugh Hefner, who runs America’s sauciest publishing house, has made billions from selling sex and – up until January at least – continued to enjoy the company of three live-in lovers whose combined ages were still two decades younger than his 84 years.

Other than being exceedingly rich, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs couldn’t be more different. The 55-year-old rarely dresses in anything more outrageous than a black polo neck, and has been married to his wife Laurene since 1991. He is vehemently anti-porn and insists his iPhone and iPads be free of any applications that could be deemed remotely amoral.

Yet Playboy is about to release a high definition edition of its magazine for the iPad where readers can flick through the pages of the latest edition with a swish of their finger.

But don’t expect any of the nudity for which Playboy magazine is renowned.

Playboy is censoring its output, and has promised to cover up its cover girls for the iPad edition to comply with Apple’s strict no-nudity policy. The decision has led to an outcry on web forums and renewed the debate over how much editorial control Apple wields through its App Store.

Photo of Destiny Davis provided by Playboy affiliate program

Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn by Tera Patrick


1) What was the most rewarding aspect of writing this book? What was the most difficult?
The most rewarding was getting it done. (Laughs) No. It was cathartic to write the book. It was something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I was able to reach deep inside myself and not just share my story with my fans and new people alike, but I also hope that people will take away some positive things from it. It’s a good story, I think. The most difficult was having to hash out and speak about the abuse with my mother and some of the things I endured in the industry like signing the bad contract. Then of course, writing the painful afterword about my divorce.

2) While the book has some very intense moments that you share with the reader, you’ve also found a way to throw in some great lines that made me laugh out loud. For example: “The kind of drunk where statutory rape happens” or “It was in Oregon that I learned how to fuck” or “New cock. New life.” How important was it for you to show off your sense of humor in this book especially during some of the more troubling moments?
Well that’s just how my thoughts work. That’s just my thought process. When I meet people I always get the ‘Oh wow! You’re not a bitch’ or ‘Oh wow! You’re really witty.’ And I’m thinking ‘Why is that a surprise? Why wouldn’t I be funny or nice or witty?’ People tell me all the time that they are impressed with how I came out of all that I’ve been through. A lot of people tell me I’m very sweet or that I’m very personable. I’ve kept that with me because that’s who I am. I’m not a bitch. The industry didn’t harden me. My life didn’t harden me. Even after going through everything I’ve been through, I’m still that little girl named Linda. That sweet little girl whose just looking for approval and looking for love.

Nigeria’s First Porn Movie Takes Market By Storm


Nigeria’s first soft porn movies, Dirty secret, has been selling fiercely despite widespread condemnation.

The curiosity of movie lovers was finally laid to rest recently when Dirty Secret, the highly controversial soft porn movie was released into the market.

Starring Actresses Tonto Dikeh and Maryann Apollo, and Actors Jibola Dabo and Muna Obiekwe, Dirty secret, since its snippet was released on the internet, has been generating lots of outrage among fans and stakeholders who are of divided views.

Those who have seen the full work will further be surprised on how daring some Nigerian movie stars could be.

Dirty secrets, story line (if any) is not particularly clear to the viewers. The popular actors and actresses, along with other not-too-familiar faces exhibited series of abnormal sexual behaviours. The so-called soft porn movie was produced and marketed by Nigeria-based Divine Touch Pictures instead of Sanga Entertainment in the U.K as was earlier announced, and also shot in Nigerian as against the initial story that it was shot in New York. It demonstrated incest, homosexuality and other jaw-dropping sexual stunts.

However, it is interesting the manner in which the movie is currently being rushed in the market. Movie retailers are said to be raking in heavy profits from the sales. At every bus stop where movies are being sold, the poster of where Tonto Dike and Muna cudddled each other must be seen by passers-by. The movie is now so popular among movie hawkers that it is the one being displayed most conspicuously for the customers to see.

A particular movie retailer around Ketu Bus stop, in Lagos, Musa Ismail shared his opinion in pidgin English with LEADERSHIP ENTERTAINMENT.

“The reason why the movie sells is because people like to watch all these movies that have to do with sex. Some people will even come here and pretend as if they want to go home to watch the movie so that they can criticize it but deep down their hearts, they like it,” Musa Said.

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Avatar to be made into a porn parody by Hustler


James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar will be made into a porn parody by Hustler, a leader in exclusive porn content. Bosses at Hustler, a leader in exclusive porn content, are planning a porn parody of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar.

“This Ain’t Avatar XXX is among the DVD releases planned by the company this year, following the success of porn parodies of TV shows such as Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210, and “Saved By The Bell”, reported

The news came a day after Avatar was voted the best motion picture at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Porn resource, Sify Movies
Photo of porn star Alexis Texas provided by her official adult sponsor Premium Cash

Shyla Stylez was won the Top Porn star Title


Porn star Shyla Stylez was born September 23rd, 1982 in Armstrong, British Colombia. She moved to L.A when she was 19 years old and began in the industry with Jim Kelly Productions and married the CEO, Bob Friedland. In 2002 she had 2 breast augmentations and her breasts are now 32DD. Considered to have one of the nicest pairs of breasts in the industry. Shyla quit around 2004 after her divorce with Bob Friedland. She made a comeback in 2006 and has since made over 100 DVD’s such as Gangbang Auditions, Naughty College School Girls, Sex Addicts and more.

* 2003 AVN Award nominee – Best New Starlet
* 2007 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Video
* 2008 AVN Award nominee – Best Supporting Actress, Video
* 2008 AVN Award nominee – Best Interactive DVD – My Plaything: Shyla Stylez, Digital
* 2009 AVN Award nominee – Best Tease Performance – Curvy Girls
* 2009 AVN Award nominee – Best POV Sex Scene – Full Streams Ahead
* 2009 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene – Pirates II
* 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best POV Sex Scene – Jack’s POV 12

Exclusive interview with Rachel Aziani on



Hello Rachel! For any of our readers who don’t know you,could you give us your short profile?
Hi!! Sure, I started my website in June of 1999. I was born Nov 21st and am currently 41 years old. I am 5′5 and weigh 115 pounds. My stats are 34DD, 24, 34.

What is your ethnic background, and tell us more about yourself growing up.
Italian. I grew up in Nebraska with a great family, that I am still very close to. I had a lot of friends and was somewhat shy. I was raised Catholic and had pretty conservative parents. I enjoyed a fun childhood,everything was very “normal.”

Are you single, married or do you have a boyfriend?
I am married.

If you were to describe the average day being one of,what would it consist of?
I am an early bird, up by 6 or 7. I start first thing on my computer…. I work everyday until 2-3 and then I am off to the gym and to run errands if needed. I come home and cook dinner, spend time with my dogs and end the day on my computer.

Many adult stars have described their reasoning for entering the porn business similarly to you saying, “I like to fuck”, is there anything more to that reasoning?
I started off very softcore in the beginning, then added toys and masturbation scenes.. finally I invited my husband to join in the fun! I love shooting with him!!

What is your favorite song to dance to?
Any type of techno music …and I like some hip-hop too.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love to exercise, hang out with my dogs and I love doing anything in nature, such as camping. I recently started to enjoy cooking…never thought that would happen.

Do you still have doggies and what are their names?
Yes I have four doggies, they are my babies. Their names are Caesar,Josie, Tony and Neo.

You are well known for your large formerly natural boobs, so are your tits a part of your identity as much as your beauty face?
Yes they are a big part…the guys LOVE my new boobs ..and so do I!

What did you do before you started in porn?
I was going to nursing school and working for a doctors office doing accounting/payroll.

How did you get into porn in the first place?
Actually my husband Buzz started off shooting photos and videos for single solo girls back in 1997. I thought it looked fun and wanted to give it a try. WOW..I am glad I did! :)

Would people who knew you growing up be surprised to see you in porn?
YES!! I get emails all the time, everyone is very shocked. I was pretty shy and very conservative growing up.

What are your likes and dislikes about porn industry?
I like the freedom, the excitement and the people are so awesome! I have made some great friends and met some amazing people! I dislike any kind of drama, but that comes with any industry I suppose.

What is the hardest type of scene for you to do?
I don’t do any hard types. I only do what I am comfortable with and love to do.

How do you prepare for a scene?
Depends on what type of scene it is. I shoot in California so getting ready to travel is the main thing. My makeup artist does the rest! :) )

Who are some of your favourites to work with?
I only work solo and with my husband…so of course he is my favorite!! hehe

Do you have a particular type of guy that really does it for you?
I love a manly man.. someone powerful and mentally strong. A take charge kind of guy. I also love nice guys..kindness is so important.

What’s your take on the size debate and who’s the biggest you’ve ever worked with?
I only work with my husband, but I don’t believe size matters that much.

So,do you enjoy doing it or is it acting? Is it a job?
I love love love it! I couldn’t be happier! My job is the best job in the world and it pays the bills too.

Do you ever have orgasms during shooting?

How many times do you have sex in a week?
Depends on the week, but I would say 5-6 on average.

What kind of sex do you like best?
I like all kinds of sex depends on my mood.

Do you masturbate outside of work? Any toy preferences?
Yes I do!! I like glass toys and a strong vibrator for my clit.

Do you watch porn movies? What do you like to watch?
Yes I watch porn on my computer almost everyday!! Ha, now that does depend on my mood.

Is there anything else we should be looking out for from you in the near future? Anything you want to promote?
I am working on a few projects in the mainstream world …but I can’t actually discuss them yet. Hopefully you will see one of them coming soon!! Check me
Thank You!!

Porn interview with Rachel Aziani realized by Mickey,
Special thanks to Lisa at Aziani Gold

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